Buy Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (Meko) online


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Buy Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (Meko) online

Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime (MEKO) is colorless liquid that is the oxime derivative of methyl ethyl ketone. This organic compound has the chemical formula C2H5C (NOH) CH3 and is widely used as a protective, anti-skinning agent for different paints and coatings. It is used to suppress the formation of a skin on paint before it is used. This liquid compound works by binding the drying agents and metal salts that catalyzes the oxidative cross linking of drying oils. It is evaporates after the paint is applied to the surface and allows it to dry out.

Quick Details
Chemical Auxiliary Agent
CAS No.:
Other Names:
2-Butanon Oxime
99.7%, 99.7%MIN
Place of Origin:
Adsorbent Variety:
Molecular Sieve
Coating Auxiliary Agents
Brand Name:
Model Number:
steel drum
first class quality
Grade Standard:
Industrial Grade
Crust forming proof agent
Supply Ability
Supply Ability
8000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
240kg steel drum or as customer’s request
California USA

High quality Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime MEKO 99.7% purity  also called 2-Butanon Oxime

Base information:

Product Name: Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime Chemical Name: Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime
Chemical Formula: C4H9NO Molecular Weight: 87
UN NO.: 1993 Dangerous Class: 3
CAS No.: 96-29-7 Appearance: Transparent liquid
Application: Used for crust forming proof agent of oxidation drying coatings, viscosity stabilizer of oxidation drying adhesive, sealant of isocyanate and cross linker of organic silicon.

Physical information:

Physical state: Liquid
Odor: Not available.
Taste: Not available
Color: Transparent
Flash Point: 69°C 156°F)
Critical Temperature: Not avaiable
Specific Gravity: 0.92 (Water = 1)

First Aid:

Eye Contact: Check for and remove any contact lenses. Immediately flush eyes with running water for at least 15 minutes, keeping eyelids open. Cold water may be used. Get medical attention immediately. Finish by rinsing thoroughly with running water to avoid a possible infection.
Skin Contact: In case of contact, immediately flush skin with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes while removing contaminated clothing and shoes. Cover the irritated skin with an emollient. Cold water may be used.Wash clothing before reuse. Thoroughly clean shoes before reuse. Get medical attention immediately.
Serious Skin Contact: Wash with a disinfectant soap and cover the contaminated skin with an anti-bacterial cream. Seek immediate medical attention.
Inhalation: If inhaled, remove to fresh air. If not breathing, give artificial respiration. If breathing is difficult, give oxygen. Get medical attention.
Serious Inhalation: Evacuate the victim to a safe area as soon as possible. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband. If breathing is difficult, administer oxygen. If the victim is not breathing, perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. WARNING: It may be hazardous to the person providing aid to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation when the inhaled material is toxic, infectious or corrosive. Seek immediate medical attention.
Ingestion: Do NOT induce vomiting unless directed to do so by medical personnel. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If large quantities of this material are swallowed, call a physician immediately. Loosen tight clothing such as a collar, tie, belt or waistband
Emergency Call: Phone: +1-703-741-5500 (from anywhere in the world, except for USA, Call 1-800-262-8200 )



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