Pure agarwood oil for sale

Pure agarwood oil for sale

Precious and incredibly rare, Oud is an extraordinary oil sure to make an impression.
Harvested from the wood of infected Agarwood trees, Oud is highly esteemed for its unrivaled aroma.
As you inhale, savor the bitter-sweet, leathery, animalic notes of what is known as the “Wood of the gods.” Oud alone makes the perfect men’s cologne. Steam distilled, Oud is an exquisite addition to almost any blend that is both grounding and relaxing. Edens Garden’s pure, 100% natural Oud- Agarwood essential oil contains no synthetic ingredients, fragrances, fillers, or toxic chemicals. Our Oud- Agarwood essential oil is ethically and sustainably sourced and GC/MS batch-tested to ensure its quality, safety, and effectiveness.

Why Agarwood essential oil from us?

best quality Crassna Agarwood for sale

We offer First-grade agarwood from India.Best price per Kg. Contact for price shipped worldwide from the USA? For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as “The Wood of the Gods.”You can purchase First-grade agarwood from as at moderate rates.

Which agarwood do we supply?



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